Entirely Too Much (Poetry, Used)

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A debut poetry collection featuring themes of Black culture, love, and mental health.
Entirely Too Much is a debut poetry chapbook by writer, Sarah Thomas. Sarah's collection of poetry plays with different genres and styles to tell a story of being a Black, queer woman. She touches on religion, mental health struggles, love and loss, and coming to terms with her own queer identity.
About the Author
Sarah (she/her) is a queer, polyamorous Black woman living in Chicago with her partner, Alex, and dog, Biscuit. Her writing focuses on Black sexuality and pop culture. Her writing has appeared on Black Youth Project, Okay Player, and other online publications. She spendt most of her time during the pandemic playing The Sims, reading, drinking wine, and yearning.
*There is a written dedication on the front page of this used book. Other than that, this book is free of marks.