Green Wild Hunt Odin Pillar

Green Wild Hunt Odin Pillar

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Solis Illuminatum candles are hand poured in Chicago by Damian Han.

"Wild Hunt" is dedicated to the untamed and wild aspects of gods connected to nature and shamanic work, particularly Cernunnos and Odin. It is intended to connect to untamed aspects of nature, forest animals, and aid in underworld trance work journeys.


All pillars are about 1 3/4 inches in diameter.
Tall Pillars - 6 inches

All candles are made from USDA certified organic beeswax, some to ensure even burning dependent of size and style is mixed with USDA certified organic coconut oil. Chimes and Tapers are made from 100% beeswax. All candles are scented with Sandalwood and Campfire Embers.

If you require an alteration, customization or a size out of stock please get in touch and we'll work something out.


Though "shamanism" is a complex word, conflating many different spiritual practices under a single umbrella, it is widely agreed to have some similarities throughout the world. A few of these include the ability to connect with spirits for aid, and journeying within the spirit realm for wisdom, knowledge, and healing.

Cernunnos is a god closely tied with nature, the hunt, death, fertility, and the underworld. He is depicted as a hunter who also wears the antlers of game animals, most frequently the stag. Some have speculated that this represents his deep embodiment of both the hunter and the hunted. He is frequently depicted holding or carrying a torc and other riches, some believe this is a status symbol, or perhaps symbolic wealth (wisdom, strength, knowledge) one earns by facing underworld journeys.

Few gods have as many aspects as Odin, one being the leader of the Wild Hunt. Odin frequently has connections to many forms of ecstatic experiences including learning by death, near-death, and bodily sacrifice, the most well-known being hanging from the World Tree with a spear in his side for nine days and nights to obtain the Runes.

Sandalwood is a highly honored and slow growing tree. It is a highly protective wood that has a cooling and soothing property. It is used to consecrate sacred space and bring a calming effect on the mind which aids in meditation and trance journeying. Sandalwood "perfumes the heavens" and is considered pleasing to the gods as an offering, but also has a very terrestrial nature. It therefore simultaneously corresponds to the third eye and root energy center.


Please be careful when purchasing sandalwood, especially objects and essential oil. The Sandalwood tree can take up to 80 years to reach full maturity. Due to its highly prized properties in spiritual work and luxurious scent it has been abused and overharvested near the point of extinction. The Indian government has banned the export of its timber, beware of those who claim to sell Indian Sandalwood as they may have been smuggled from the country. Australian Sandalwood is still threatened but not considered in immediate danger. Hawaiian Sandalwood is considered the most ecologically conscious choice.

Essential oils are particularly ecologically damaging. Vintage Sandalwood items do not support the current exploitation and over-harvesting, however, please consider working with a reputable dealer, as smuggling of cultural artifacts may be a concern in certain areas.

Solis Illuminatum only uses sandalwood fragrance oils, synthetically made oils, or essential oils from Hawaiian Sandalwood. Though certainly, nothing compares to truly natural ingredients, Solis Illuminatum also believes Pagan practice should be mindful of one’s ecological impact.