Red Aradia Pillar

Red Aradia Pillar

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The Chainbreaker is dedicated to the Goddess of Witches and Craft Aradia, though can also be used to honor other deities of witchcraft such as Diana and Lucifer. It is specifically intended as a reversible candle and can be used as a hex breaker, to send back a spell to its caster, and interrupt internal behaviors the practitioner desires to stop.


All pillars are about 1 3/4 inches in diameter.
Tall Pillars - 6 inches

All candles are made from USDA certified organic beeswax, some to ensure even burning dependent of size and style is mixed with USDA certified organic coconut oil. Chimes and Tapers are made from 100% beeswax. All candles are scented with balsam fir and citron and coated in dried rue.

If you require an alteration, customization or a size out of stock please get in touch and we'll work something out.


There is much debate of the historical vs folk legend aspects aspects of Aradia. Most who work with this powerful figure however are unbothered by this and certainly there are many deities throughout the world who have such blended histories. Aradia is said to have been the daughter of Diana and Lucifer and gathered a following of witches to fight corruption in her age by use of her craft. Aradia is a figure of great passion who's gospel speaks of the hypocrisies and corruption of the Church and the wealthy. Her teachings do not shy away from hexing and blasting those who would use their power to disenfranchise those weaker than themselves. As such she is a powerful protectress of those who do not have the means to protect themselves and a very useful ally for spirit workers who find themselves under attack doing spirit work. As a product of both Diana and Lucifer she is also a very powerful deity to interrupt harmful and toxic patterns within the self that a practitioner may find difficult to stop.

Fir is an earthy tree and used to lift a negative atmosphere. It is used in magic to "seal" or "fix" a spell and is therefore particularly good to a reversible to "stick" back onto the sender. It is a tree of protection, rebirth, regeneration, transformation, and shadow work. It is associated with both Diana and Aradia, and can be used to bless babies and mothers.

Citron is the original citrus fruit with records of human use as far back as 4000 BCE. It is sweeter and stronger than lemons and as all citrus fruits associated with the sun. It has been used through the world, especially Southern Europe as an antidote to poison and through Asia as a decoction to drive away evil. Dried fruits were used to repel insects and wash clothing though China, and is still a popular fruit "tea" in Korea especially during winter months to ease the respiratory system.

Native to the Mediterranean, rue is sacred to Aradia, Diana, and Mars. As its name suggests it is a powerful herb to cast unto ones enemies. It has been used since antiquity to protect the user from the evil eye and purification spells and rituals. It was also used to treat poisoning by the induction of vomiting. Pliny also recommended artists to use to ease eye strain and improve eyesight, though this is highly discouraged by Solis Illuminatum. Rue is also a natural deterrent to pests and can protect flowers beds and gardens from cats who do not like the bitter smell.