Odin Beeswax Candle

Odin Beeswax Candle

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Beeswax candle handpoured in Chicago by Damian Han of Solis Illuminatum.

Lady Heartchanger is a versatile candle, dedicated to the Goddess Venus, but can be used with most Goddess associated with Witchcraft. It can be used both to help the practitioner understand more deeply their heart, mind, or even spiritual journey, find ways to change the minds and hearts of others intending harm, and understand the mysteries.


Tealights - set of 2
Votive - standard fit into clear glass
Chimes - about 4" tall, available as set pair
Tapers - about 5 1/2" tall, available as set pair

All candles are made from USDA certified organic beeswax, some to ensure even burning dependent of size and style is mixed with USDA certified organic coconut oil. All candles are scented with rose and sandalwood and rolled in dried rose petals.


Of the Goddesses of Love and War who share a similar familiar line from South Asia to Southern Europe Venus is perhaps the most maternal, but she is no less mighty. Though in earlier times Latin history Mars was married to Bellona (Goddess of Battle Fury), and next Anna Perenna (Goddess of the Yearly Cycle and Renewal) he eventually and most iconically married to Venus. Rome honored Venus as both a nurturing motherly figure as well as a goddess of victory and sexual joy. Outside of Rome proper, Venus seems to have a long lineage as a Goddess of Witchcraft her name itself derived from the word for poison. As the creation of potions were for both healing, poisoning and influencing a person's heart it is only appropriate this one of Venus's lesser known names is that of "changer of hearts." It was said that there is no God that could win a fight against Mars, except for Venus and Venus always wins a testament to her power and the power of changing a mind as opposed to engaging in a fight. In some Witchcraft lore Venus married to Lucifer as opposed to either Mars or Vulcan.

Roses are a highly magical plants that have been with humanity since the earliest civilizations. Our earliest records of cultivation were over 5,000 years ago in China where they were already beginning to be hybridized. It is found in folklore all throughout the world where it spread. The Roman nobility established large public rose gardens, as roses were used for medicine, fragrances, and confetti for festivals and celebrations to be scatter at the feet of the victorious. There is an enduring quality of mystery in the rose, which lends itself to the Latin term Sub rosa "beneath the rose" meaning secrecy and many finding rooms were decorated with the image of a rose to remind diners of understood confidentiality. IN Greek lore a rose was given from Eros to Harpocrates, the God of Silence. Roses are also protective, having been worn as a perfume or oil, or in a charm against the evil eye or other negative forces. They have been used of course in love spells. It is a powerful agent in helping one seek the mysteries of the occult, magic, truth and the heart.

Sandalwood is a highly honored and slow growing tree. It is a highly protective wood that has a cooling and soothing property. It is used to consecrate sacred space and bring a calming effect on the mind which aid meditation and trance journeying. Sandalwood "perfumes the heavens" being considering pleasing to the gods as an offering, but also has a very terrestrial nature. It therefore simultaneously corresponds to the third eye and root energy center.


Please be careful when purchasing sandalwood, especially objects and essential oil. The Sandalwood tree can take up to 80 years to reach full maturity. Due to its highly prized properties in spiritual work and luxurious scent it has been abused and overharvested near the point of extinction. The Indian government has banned the export of its timber, beware of those who claim to sell Indian Sandalwood as they may have been smuggled from the country. Australian Sandalwood is still threatened but not considered in immediate danger. Hawaiian Sandalwood is considered the most ecologically conscious choice.

Essential oils are particularly ecologically damaging. Vintage items do not support the current exploitation and over-harvesting, however, please consider a reputable dealer as smuggling of cultural artifacts may be a concern in certain areas.

Solis Illuminatum only uses sandalwood fragrance oils, synthetically made oils, or essential oils from Hawaiian Sandalwood. Though certainly, nothing compares to truly natural ingredients Solis Illuminatum also believes Pagan practice should be mindful of ones' ecological impact.