Elderberry Chai Tincture

Elderberry Chai Tincture

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Elderberry Chai

Herbal antiviral and immune support.

▶︎ Herbal Blended for the Cold Winter Months
▶︎ Magically Blended for Warmth & Protection
▶︎ Immune & Heart Support
💚 Vegan
🚫 Essential Oil Free
Contains ~25% ABV.

'Elderberry Chai' adds a warm, spicy twist on a classic herbal remedy. Elderberries and Astragulas Root are beloved plant allies for helping support the immune system, both tonically and in times of need. Added to a blend an anti-inflammatory blend of spices to help the heart and circulation, this elixir is a delightful companion to have on hand during the cold winter months.

INGREDIENTS: *Elderberry and *Astragulas Root Extract, with *Cinnamon, *Cardamom, *Ginger, and *Clove Infused Honey. (*organic)

SUGGESTED USE: 30-60 drops, one to two times daily in liquid, double dose in times of acute needed. one ‘squeeze’ equals ~30 drops.

PRECAUTIONS: May aggravate immune response in those with overactive or auto-immune conditions. Diabetics should use with caution.

SIZE: Comes in 2 oz. (28g) dropper bottle.

⚠️ Research usage and possible interactions, or consult your healthcare provider, before using a new herb for the first time. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Handcrafted in Chicago, IL.