Imogen Healing Salve -- Calendula Hand Salve

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Imogen, a calendula healing salve is a very special offering. Harvested from the garden, these small sunburst flowers provide some of the deepest color and is lends its potent petal medicine to leave your skin invigorated and radiant. It can also be used to soothe a wound and to aid in healing. one of my favorite ways to use this salve is ritually to connect with the sun as a reminder to shine and stand in my own personal sovereignty. named for the the ‘tender and artless” Imogen from Cymbeline.

Calendula can be used to help the dry affected areas of the skin that are dry, chapped, or even cracked. It is also supportive to aid and support in the process of wound healing especially cut scrapes and burns. perfect to have in your first aid kit.

Available in a 2 oz. reusable black tin.

Made in Chicago by Rosé Hernandez of The Energetic Body.