Holy Fog Tea -- Loose Leaf Tea

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Holy fog tisane is a sweet and earthy loose leaf blend of chamomile, spearmint, lions mane, violet leaf, and lavender.

While it is soothing to our nerves it also supports our cognitive function as we move through our days with a gentle forward motion. Our key ingredient in this blend is our homegrown lions mane mushroom. Lions mane is an adaptogen that promotes ease and mental clarity when taken daily. it helps support our nervous system from fatigue and burnout while strengthening and protecting our nerves.
the taste of Holy Fog is representative of the early moments of spring symbolic of rebirth and renewal shedding layers as we emerge.

Currently available in .6 oz & 1.5 oz sizes

Suggested use: 2 teaspoons of loose leaf tisane steeped in 6 oz. of hot water for 15 minutes.

Made in Chicago by Rosé Hernandez of The Energetic Body.