Katharos Soap

Katharos Soap

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Rosehip, jojoba, and geranium

καθαρός katharós, kath-ar-os'; of uncertain affinity; clean (literally or figuratively):—clean, clear, pure.

Made in Chicago by Lisa Krause of Roots and Sky.

From Lisa:

I’ve been making soap for several years, perfecting a nourishing base recipe of organic olive and coconut oils - but without commonly-used palm oil, which is important to avoid because of unsustainable harvesting practices.

Almost every variety is crafted with herbs, flowers and other ingredients grown in my own medicine gardens. But in some cases, ingredients have been sourced elsewhere, but always from people also practicing sustainable growing and harvesting. Most ingredients are certified organic.

I created these blends to evoke experiences and honor rituals and practices that I’ve found inspiring in my own journey in my relationship to plants, and I’m excited to share them with you.

Remember to keep your soap dry between uses, don’t let natural soap sit in a puddle or it will turn into a goopy mess.