Birth of Venus Soap

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Birth of Venus soap by created by Seagrape Apothecary in Portland, OR

This soap is a dedication, a spell for, and of Aphrodite. An invocation of self-love, truth and embodiment through grounded knowing that you are worthy, that you have inherent worth. This is an invitation to start a self-devotional practice and to step into your own power as a manifestation of the Goddess. Indigo holds space for Divine connection, black lava salt dispels negative energy, and the essential oil blend is a formulation for strength and trust in your own truth. Take the time to care for yourself, devote attention to your body, mind, and spirit. 

The story of this soap:

Sitting on the shore of a Greek beach, running my hands through the fine sand and pebbles, I picture the soft sway of Aphrodite’s dance in the water. Picking up and examining the polished granite and marble stones I imagine that hundreds of pieces of ancient Venusian statues have been softened by this ocean to make the remnants I hold in my hand.

I close my eyes and inhale the brininess of the beach along with the cypress trees somewhere in the distance. The citrus flowers I picked earlier left their sticky residue on my fingers- intoxicating, sexy, full bodied. I take in the smells of Greece, the feeling of calm and reverence for this ancient place. Delicate clary sage blossoms, old growth cedar trees, the sun-warmed salt on my cheeks. The scents dance together along with Aphrodite.

The ocean sighs joyfully, propelled forward by a thunderstorm in the distance. Lightning strikes the surface every fifteen seconds, sending surges through the water. I undress and dip into the ocean to feel this power wrapped around my skin, the water charged with every emotion I’ve ever known. I swim, feeling held by Love: a mother’s, friend’s, lover’s, and my own.

I talk to Aphrodite like she’s sitting by the small fire I’ve made on the beach. We watch the lightning storm together and I feel strength, quick truth, and embodied ecstasy dripping off her like honey. She is the Empress, lush and fierce.