Book Buying

Sell your books to Space Oddities

What we're currently looking for

  • Critical Theory (especially contemporary and leftist critical theory titles)
  • Novels, poetry, plays, essays, and other titles by BIPOC authors
  • Books and zines by local authors, poets, artists, and occultists
  • Poetry, science fiction, novels, graphic novels
  • Art books, cookbooks, books on gardening, queer and feminist theory, philosophy and psychology books (no textbooks, please), books on meditation, anthropology, religion, and mindfulness
  • Books on witchcraft, tarot, mediumship, shadow work, DIY crafts, etc.
  • Vintage tarot decks and vintage/antique books

How to sell your books to Space Oddities

During normal workday hours, we are happy to look at your books! Please feel free to bring your books to us to look over. We highly recommend calling us at (773) 697-4439 to give us a heads up that you'll be coming over before your arrival. Knowing when we might expect you and your books really helps the whole buying process go a lot more smoothly!

For larger collections, please call us at (773) 697-4439 to schedule an appointment to meet with us on a weekday.

You may also email us at to discuss any book buying. That's even better than calling on the phone.


We are looking for books in new to good condition. We want the next reader of your book to really enjoy the experience.

We are not able to buy any books with water damage, musty smells, highlighting, or underlining. Bindings must be intact. Books with minimal notes are ok so long as we are interested in the title. We do not accept textbooks or books with sticker damage. We cannot hold or dispose of books that are not purchased by our staff, you must take them back with you.

We are VERY interested in buying new books, chapbooks, and zines from local authors. Please feel free to call or email us before coming in to tell us about your book.

We look forward to seeing you and your books!