The Green Man | Redwood | Cedar | Patchouli | Amber 6oz Candle

The Green Man | Redwood | Cedar | Patchouli | Amber 6oz Candle

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The Green Man- Redwood | Cedar | Patchouli | Amber

The Green Man can be found in many different forms throughout history, but the most common feature is a man's face covered in foliage. He is often found carved into wood or stone in churches & cathedrals, and his first recorded references date back to the 2nd century, though his history is much older. The actual name Green Man is relatively modern, coined in 1939. He is an example of how the Old Religion was brought into Christian churches before the reformation.

The Green Man has different meanings to different people. For this candle, he represents the cycle of life, death, & rebirth. He is a Pagan symbol who heralds the coming of Spring after a long winter, bringing with him the regrowth of the earth.

Acknowledge your connection with nature through the Green Man candle, inhaling the earthy smells of the forest, listen to the crackling of the wooden wick as it burns. The Green Man is a beautiful addition to any home or alter for the Ostara/Spring season, or makes a great gift for a friend that shows thoughtful consideration and originality. The Green Man is a reminder to stay in tune with nature and bring it into our home with The Green Man.