Hive Soap

Hive Soap

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Wound healing, antimicrobial, locally-sourced honey is blended with antioxidant-rich bee pollen grains to help prevent infection and rejuvenate skin, great for overworked hands and nourishing dry skin. Soothing gluten-free oatbran and energizing ginger are added to create a warm, comforting soap that helps with inflammation and soreness.

This soap is great for: helping heal skin irritation, reducing inflammation and soothing pains.

The bees are out and active on the first warm days of early spring. Let your dandelions and clover grow and flower to provide them food, and remember to plant early spring-blooming flowers and bulbs to help them out.

Cold process soap made with a vegan, palm-oil free base of olive oil and coconut oil.

Made in Detroit by Roots & Sky