Inner and Self Exploration Work Soy Wax Tin Candles

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Here are 3 different candles from Chicago based maker Solis Illuminatum to aid you in inner and self exploration work.

Know Thyself: To know oneself is a critical component of many spiritual paths. This candle has been designed to aide the process of meditation and journeying within.

Mullein: sovereignty
Sage: meditation and cleansing space
Jasmine: calming the mind
Wormwood: altered state and traveling
Dragon's Blood: extra energy boost

Please note the scent of sage is derived of common or culinary sage. It has a history of use outside of closed traditions and does not contribute to illegal foraging of endangered species of sage or derive of the supply available to First Nations, Indigenous, and Native North American practitioners.

Embrace the Shadow: Shadow work in a integral part of any magician, witch, spirit workers' journey. While the process can be uncomfortable, it is only by facing and accepting our Shadow aspects that we are whole.

Black currant: sweeten shadow work
Borage: courage
Mugwort: trance aid, protection, travel aid
Lotus: protection, gently aids surfacing from underworld/shadow work

Sun in the Underworld: this candle is designed to help identify power and knowledge in shadow/underworld work as well as rising from said the work. Journeys such as these often require purification after to seal off unpleasant entities, energies which may come during the process.

Mullein: travel aide, and sovereignty
Balsam fir: underworld and immortality
Horehound: protection and magical vision/insight
Lotus: protection and gentle aide is surfacing from underworld/shadow work
Pennyroyal: protection from underworld/earthen beings, sovereignty

All words and candle descriptions are courtesy of Damian Han.