'Moonstruck' Pre Rolled Herbal Cigarettes

'Moonstruck' Pre Rolled Herbal Cigarettes

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‘Moonstruck’ herbal joints are a medium-bodied smoke, blended to ease cramps, mellow out moods, & honor feminine cycles. Made with herbs for cramps, these herbal smokes are a fantastic moon ritual tool you can use to enliven your next magical moon celebration.

▶︎Help Relieves Cramps
▶︎Mellows Out Moods

Nicotine, Tobacco, & Cannabis Free.

💚 Vegan
🚫 Essential oil free

INGREDIENTS: *Marshmallow Leaf, *Mugwort, *Passionflower, *Catnip, and *Skullcap, rolled in unbleached paper. (*organic)

SUGGESTED USE: Remove any Stems and crush with fingers before rolling, or use an herb grinder for better burning consistency. Try on its own or mix with your favorite smokable. Honor your lungs: Tune into them when you smoke and only take in what they need. A small puff can go a long way!