Orange Sun Goddess Sekmet Pillar

Orange Sun Goddess Sekmet Pillar

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Sun Goddess is dedicated to the Kemetic deity Sekhmet but is appropriate for all solar deities who encompass both the light giving, nurturing aspects of the healer as well as that of the destructive plague-bringer such as Apollo. Sun Goddess is intended to summon inner strength, protection, banishing of illness and negativity as well as razing negative influences.


All pillars are about 1 3/4 inches in diameter.
Tall Pillars - 6 inches

All candles are made from USDA certified organic beeswax, some to ensure even burning dependent of size and style is mixed with USDA certified organic coconut oil. Chimes and Tapers are made from 100% beeswax. All candles are scented with orange, clove, and cinnamon and are coated in dried cinnamon.

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The primary myth of Sekhmet has her as the vengeful lioness who nearly wiped out humanity in bloodlust. Though Ra had first given her the order to destroy those who conspired against him, he realized she was somewhat too good at her job and humanity would cease to exist. In order to stop her slaughter Thoth recommended dying beer red so that she would mistake it for blood, and in her drunkenness, she was placated. In some myths this changes her to the Goddess of love Hathor. Sekhmet is therefore seen as a divine arbitrator of Ma'at, with fearsome titles such as "Lady of Slaughter" and "Mistress of Dread." Like Apollo however, she also has the power to drive away plague and illness, and the priests of her and her son, Nefertem, were some of the most accomplished physicians of the ancient world. Sekhmet in all her forms is a vibrant entity, full of passion for the joys of life and the fearlessness of the warrior.

Orange and other citrus fruits are considered solar fruits. They are said to bring in joy, happiness, abundance, love, even lust, and drive success. Perhaps their high vitamin content is what has also given the orange protective qualities, helping humans stave off illness for many centuries. Many folk practices involve the embedding of clove buds into an orange (making a pomander) to ward off infection, negative energy as well as providing a pleasing scent.

Clove (coming from the French word for "nail") is also strongly protective and used for banishings, however also draws in success of intentions. It drives away hostility while also drawing in riches, and used for releasing and inspiration rituals alike. Growing from a tree in tropical areas, it was highly sought for both culinary and medicinal uses. Its antiseptic properties were used throughout the world for medicine especially to ward off infections of the mouth. It removes negativity while also drawing in healing.

Cinnamon as a firey and solar plant is used to draw in success, love, healing, protection, strength, and power. It has been used in healing in China for more than 4000 years. It can be used to consecrate a space and as an incense it is used to raise spiritual energy and stimulate psychic abilities. It has been frequently worn as a talisman through the ages to draw in passion.