Planetary Candles! Solis Illuminatum 12 oz Soy Wax Wood Wicked Candles

Planetary Candles! Solis Illuminatum 12 oz Soy Wax Wood Wicked Candles

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Following the lead of early astronomers (who were also the first astrologers), our planet candles follow the journey of scientific knowledge, starting with our planet Earth, here called Terra, our Moon, and the Sun, moving to the discovery by ancient people of Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Each of these 12 oz soy wax candles in sleek black matte glass vessels feature flickering wooden wicks, herbal toppings to aid in your spell work, and bamboo lids.

The Sun : Leo | Oatmeal, Milk, Honey | Bay & Orange Flower

Meditation: Ego, Self, Conscious Waking World


Mercury : Gemini/Virgo | Lemongrass, Anise | Dill & Lavender

Meditation: Communication, Thought, Craft


Venus : Libra/Taurus | Rosehip, Jasmine | Mint & Myrtle

Meditation: Love, Harmony, Affection


Terra: Potting Soil | Bay, Mallow, Lavender, Myrtle, Rue, Borage, Mullein Root

Meditation: Grounding, Receiving Astral Energy, Physicality, History


The Moon : Cancer | Poppy, Lotus | Mallow & Valerian Flowers

Meditation: Emotions, Mood, Intuition


Mars : Aries/Scorpio | Ginger, Cardamom | Rue & Basil

Meditation: Energy, Confidence, Vigor


Jupiter : Sagittarius/Pisces | Juniper, Sage | Mullein Leaf & Borage

Meditation: Law, Authority, Leadership


Saturn : Capricorn / Aquarius | Cypress, Musk Seed | Nightshade & Mullein Root

Meditation: Limitation, Reward, Practicality