Pollinator Friendly Mix Seed Bombs

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Our pollinator friendly mix seed bombs are handmade by Damian Han in Chicago.

Five seed bombs containing a mixture of seeds of pollinator friendly plants. Seed packets may include zinnias, calendula, cosmos, marigold, daisy, snapdragon, marigold, poppies, hummingbird sage, sunflowers, milkweed and other flowers. These seed bombs try to be a mix of many pollinator friendly plants so that in any given area some of the plants may be best adapted to the area may flourish.

All seeds are very good for pollinators and seeds were collected from plants cultivators in an organic community garden, or from seeds traded at community garden from other organic/non-GMO gardeners and seeds from organic/non-GMO seed providers.

Solis Illuminatum's seed bombs are made in a particularly dry mixture as to not germinate the seed before they are thrown.

Seed packets contain a teaspoon of seeds.