Sheela Na Gig Print

Sheela Na Gig Print

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This 18x24’’ four color screenprint depicts the infamous Sheela-na-gig, a gargoyle-like female figure who graces the facades of some older cathedrals in Ireland and France. Some believe her to be a pagan holdover, others, a Christian talisman: Satan is afraid of her prodigious parts!

From the artist:
”This print started with a linoleum carving (the magenta layer) which I then translated to silkscreen. The other layers were made using india ink and rubylith, and printed CMYK style to create a full rainbow of color through transparent color overlay. Although many [male] viewers have interpreted her pose as an invitation, I am more interested in the idea of an emanation; an outward transmission fueled by self-love and body confidence.”

Printed in a limited edition of 100.

Created by Chicago artist of Liz Born of Hoofprint.