Come Back Down, Soy Wood Wick Container Grounding Spell Candle, 8 oz tin, Clove, Allspice, Cedar, Nutmeg, Damiana

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Come Back Down is an intentional candle created by Chicago-based artist Damian Han.

Come Back Down is a soy wax, container candle, scented with clove and cedar, and sprinkled with allspice, nutmeg, and damiana. All herbs have been grown in an organic garden, consciously harvested, or bought from sources that ensure sustainable farming initiatives. Containers are 6 oz tins. Come Back Down is intended to aid in helping individuals physically ground, whether that is emotionally or psychically.

Clove: dispels negativity and helps focus the mind
Nutmeg: focus on personal power center
Damiana: helps the body focus in on itself and energy
Cedar: centering and protection
Allspice: protection and focus

Made in Chicago by Solis Illuminatum.