Traveler's Protection, Soy Container Spell Candle 8 oz tin, Organic Anise, Angelica, Thistle, Comfrey Root

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Traveler's Protection is an intentional candle made by Chicago-based artist Damian Han.

Traveler's Protection, soy container candle, is scented with anise and sprinkled with anise, thistle leaves, comfrey root, and angelica. All herbs have been grown in an organic garden, consciously harvested, or bought from sources that ensure sustainable farming initiatives. Containers are 6 oz tins. The candle is intended to aide with all types of traveling, including inner self, and astral.

Anise: clarity of mind, communication, and protection
Thistle: protection of space, body, and vehicles
Comfrey Root: protection of travelers, especially the body
Angelica: protection of body and spirit

Made in Chicago by Solis Illuminatum