Starting Tuesday, July 27th. Intro to Tarot: Tarot 102! A continuation of our 101 class with Katherine Grace Maley aka Huge Witch

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Welcome to Tarot 102!

Tarot 102 is a continuation of Katherine Grace Maley's Tarot 101 class taught online through Zoom and hosted here by Space Oddities. This class series is best experienced as a sequential real time learning experience. That said, we will send you class recordings after each session, and study as you please!

Introduction to Tarot - Tarot 102

In Tarot 102: Tarot for Novices with Huge Witch you will learn how to interpret the Tarot and perform readings beyond the beginner level. This class is designed to build the bridge between starting your Tarot practice and a deeper understanding of this craft.

By shifting your focus from the cards themselves to the occult sciences behind the cards, you can find further clarity through working with your Tarot deck. In this course we will see how card reversals, the Tree of Life, and Astrology can deepen the answers offered in your readings. You will also be given many exercises to solidify your Tarot practice.

This course is divided into 5 classes designed for those with a basic understanding of the Tarot, but it can be enjoyed at all levels of familiarity.

* In Class 1 we will learn strategies for interpreting reversed cards and how to approach them in readings. (Tuesday, July 20th, 7 pm CST)

* In Class 2 we will learn about the Tree of Life and how Hermetic systems influence the Tarot's structure (Tuesday, July 27th, 7 pm CST)

* In Class 3 we will learn and apply a basic understanding of Astrology to the Tarot's Major Arcana. (Tuesday, August 3rd, 7 pm CST)

* In Class 4 we will learn different exercises and tools to study your deck and learn Tarot more deeply, on a personal level. (Tuesday, August 10th, 7 pm CST)

* In Class 5 we will learn how to perform an in-depth Celtic Cross reading and spend the majority of the class doing practice readings. (Tuesday, August 17th, 7 pm CST)