Sunflower Seed Bombs

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Our sunflower seed bombs are handmade by Damian Han of Solis Illuminatum in Chicago.

Five seed bombs containing seeds of a variety of Sunflower plants, Native to the North American continent. These include Tall Teddy, Wild, Red Sun, Autumn Beauty, Lemon Queen, and Velvet Queen. Sunflowers are famously fond of full sun, and as they grow tall it is best to drop seed balms against walls, fences or other structures for support. It a great food source for bees as well as birds and squirrels. Find a good spot and throw, or place in your own garden!

Sunflowers are strongly protective in nature, and project happiness and prosperity. Ecologically sunflowers have the ability to pull many toxic minerals from the soil which can help heal damaged soil for future plants.

Solis Illuminatum's seed bombs are made in a particularly dry mixture as to not germinate the seed before they are thrown, and only one or two seeds coat each ball. This is intentional as many seeds in one ball can cause overcrowding and the plant to die or grow weak. Seed packets come with 10 seeds.

Seeds were gathered from last generation of Sunflowers ground throughout organic community gardens.