Tarot Readings by Sarah

Tarot Readings by Sarah

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Have a question that's been rolling around your head for some time? Never a bad idea to consult the cards. Tarot is a great tool for getting into your more connective and intuitive mind. Most decks work by following common archetypes and presenting interpersonal and situational problems in a pictorial way.

Culturally, the Tarot deck as we know it has been around since the mid 1500s, regaining popularity with Victorian secret societies in the early 1900s, and then becoming a more popular divinatory tool in the 1960s/1970s. Fortune telling has been around since human beings formed society. It's a form of communication that in many ways is older than dirt!

Readings take place virtually through Zoom.

More about Tarot readings by Sarah:

Sarah Luczko is the owner/curator of Space Oddities. She has been reading Tarot since 2005 and has been reading for clients since 2012. She is also a certified Hatha yoga instructor.

Sarah's Tarot readings aim to be down to earth, while still keeping foot in the other world. Sarah works with client querents to produce a reading through, using the cards as an intuitive and archetypal spring board. She also works as a traveling Tarot reader throughout the Midwest, just not in COVID times. She's been at the MCA Chicago, DePaul University, the Ace Hotel, The Chicago Athletic Association, Quimby's, Marz Brewery, Oliva Gallery, Shaker's in Milwaukee, WI (a haunted Victorian era bar), among other spots.