The Tarot Restless

The Tarot Restless

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The Tarot Restless is noteworthy and dark Tarot deck and book set by Chicago-based artist Winslow Dumaine now in its 7th printing!

The Tarot Restless is a unique tarot deck set within a morbid fantasy universe in the midst of a cosmic infertility apocalypse. The deck consists of 78 hand-drawn illustrations printed on silver-gilded cards, packaged in a rigid two-part box. The accompanying text, Restless Meditations, includes a short story, new interpretations, and new functions for each card.

Winslow's words on the deck:

I believe people should explore their suffering. Understanding the causes of pain is key to growth – if you suffer, and do not learn, you will have suffered for nothing. In creating this deck, I took my experiences with heartbreak, abuse, and betrayal, and retold them on a cosmological scale.