Palmer's Kiss Body Mousse

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The moment that special someone has placed your hands in theirs. the moment you graze your hand on their cheek. the blushing feeling of youthful joy and sensuality. this is what we have tried to capture in our jars.

Palmer’s Kiss is a rose infused body mousse with notes of yuzu and patchouli. this special blend was made during the early winter with the thought of all my loved ones i had in mind. it is a love song to the joy of falling in love.

This supple offering is made from infusing olive oil with rose over the curse of a month whipped with shea butter and scented with droplets of yuzu and patchouli. it is packaged in our signature reusable matte glass jars.

May this inspire all forms of intimate connection be they romantic, platonic, or devotional as this concoctions graciously dissolves into the "coeur de ton corps".

Made in Chicago by Rosé Hernandez of The Energetic Body.