Harvest Moon Soap

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Harvest Moon


The musky autumnal fragrance for the Harvest Moon soap is from an original blend I created based on a list of ceremonial herbs tied to ancient druid autumn holidays (Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain) featuring nutmeg, myrrh, benzoin, oak moss, and sage.

Colored with a blaze of turmeric to represent the low and firey autumn moon cradled in a landscape of nourishing and purifying clays with crushed walnut shells and ground nutmeg, providing a gentle exfoliant throughout.

This soap is great for: Connecting with the lessons of autumn season, expressing gratitude for a good harvest and insight on experiences, and for letting go of what no longer serves you- like dropping leaves, let it cycle back into the earth to break down creating rich soil to support next year’s growth.

Cold process soap made with a vegan, palm-oil free base of olive oil and coconut oil.