Book a Tarot Reading!

Looking for the answer to an important question? In the midst of a transitional time? Curious about the next step in your adventure? Let's talk Tarot.

Click here to schedule a Tarot reading with our owner/curator and professional Tarot reader, Sarah Luczko.

Professional Tarot reader Sarah Luczko works with clients one on one to produce collaborative readings. No reading is ever the same! By nature of the medium, energetic and life patterns are addressed and emotions flow as they need to. Readings are often very cathartic! Readings are a great tool to use in your shadow work along with other psychic workings and are part of the healing and hedgewitch arts.

Please note: we ask that you wear a mask to all in person meetings. Zoom meetings are great if you don't want to worry about that & stay safe!

Sarah has been consulting the cards for 19 years, and has been reading Tarot professionally for 9 years. She is the owner and curator of Space Oddities. She has read at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, DePaul Art Museum, Oliva Gallery, The Empty Bottle, Shakers (Haunted!) Bar in Milwaukee, The Den Theater, among other sundry spots, and of course, Space Oddities.