Bird 3

Bird 3

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Screenprint of a drawing by Lucie Van Der Elst.

11 x 14 inches

offset print

Paper : Mohawk Ultra White 80# cover

Printed by : Fata Morgana Press on September 2020 

Limited series of 100 of each.

How will the prints be sent :

Protected by a plastic sleeve Sent in a reinforced cardboard envelope.

From Lucie:

This series of drawing was inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s famous 1515 drawing of an Indian rhinoceros, based on the accounts of Valentim Fernandes. Dürer never actually saw one of these animals; he could only make an image from the flawed and incomplete information at his disposal. In making these drawings, I avoided looking at any reference images. The resource I tried to tap is memory- specifically, vivid moments of bird watching with my father.