Community Immunity Tincture

Community Immunity Tincture

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Community Immunity

Herbal adaptogen and daily immune tonic

Community Immunity

Herbal adaptogen and daily immune tonic.

▶︎ Herbal Blended to Help Resist and Restore
▶︎ Magically Blended for Strength and Resiliency
▶︎ Immune, Digestion, Liver, & Nervous Support
💚 Vegan
🚫 Essential Oil Free
Contains ~25% ABV.

'Community Immunity' takes on the magical power of the mycelial network and blends it with burdock, a digestive superhouse, to help us build our web of immunity. Mushrooms remind us that we are stronger together, and when we attend to all of our body's systems, our overall defense is enhanced. This blend made of root, mushrooms, and maple syrup is also quite balancing and grounding, and can offer support in times of high stress and anxiety.

INGREDIENTS: An Herbal Decoction of +Chaga, +Reishi, and *Shiitake Mushrooms, *Cinnamon bark, and *Cardamom pods, *Burdock Root Extracted in 100 proof vodka, and *Maple Syrup. (*organic, +wildcrafted)

SUGGESTED USE: 30-60 drops, one to two times daily in liquid. One ‘squeeze’ equals ~30 drops.


SIZE: Comes in 2 oz. (28g) dropper bottle.

Made in Chicago by Katya Herb of Fecund Herbals.