Hoarfrost Soap

Hoarfrost Soap

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During a clear, still winter night- water vapors settle on plants and fences; accentuating their outlines in beautiful blue-grey crystals called Hoarfrost.

This soap is named for the crispness that expands your lungs and brightens your eyes in winter, and the Full December Moon. Briskness evoked through infusing olive oil with the invigorating essences of dried eucalyptus leaves and dried peppermint grown in my garden.

This soap is great for: detoxifying with European green clay and exfoliating with loofa gourd fibers from my garden combined with minty menthol for a fresh, exhilarating feeling - like being the first to trek through new crunchy snow.

Cold process soap made with a vegan, palm-oil free base of olive oil and coconut oil.

Made in Detroit by Roots & Sky